Battle for Azeroth Release Date?

So we actually have some indication of when Battle for Azeroth could be on it’s way and what we might get in the meantime.

Battle for Azeroth
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  1. Preach can you clarify about the new races, you have to level from beginning to 120 to get the armor set, they can’t be boosted, is that correct?

  2. This is where role-players like me have an advantage – in the absence of content, we can make our own.

  3. I canceled my sub about a month ago. They wont get a dime from me until BfA. Wish they didn’t have such huge lay offs. Also since they won’t be changing classes too much this is the least anticipated xpac for me. I play all the specs and classes and spend most of my time learning all them. If I don’t have much to learn then I’m not that excited.

  4. You NEED! that no content lul at tail end of xpac, to catch up on stuff if they just pushed out the next xpac as quick as other patches ild be mad just cos there is no “new content” don’t mean there is no content.

  5. I mean its true, if you just come back after the xpac is out, its gonna be way smoother. But tbh there isnt much Blizzard could do in the pre-xpac hiatus… We just have to get over it, wait and play other things

  6. People need to stop using the word “leaked”, a leak would be someone inside Blizzard exposing the given information. The correct term is data-mined, its 3rd party sources digging in the game/PTR files and extracting the given information from publicly available stuff.

  7. Book comes out Tuesday June 12th and that will be a the day 8.0 comes out and battle 2 months after that. My guess

  8. I wish our in-game Taurens looked anything like the one from the trailer. Not the Pixar ones we have atm.

  9. It seems unlikely but I hope they release the quests to unlock the new races before BfA so I can start the expansion as a Zandalari rather than having to change after launch.

  10. theres a few concerns i have, some people would consider these minor but i still wanna mention them

    concern 1: i saw people mess about in the new zones a little bit and when they brought up there maps i gotta say… i dunno what it is but the zones looked smaller than normal zones, they felt more like the zones in argus in terms of size when being looked at on the map, again this could just be me but thats what it felt like and i hope im wrong

    concern 2: okay, so the heritage armour is a really good idea, and im looking forward to leveling up new characters with these new races and getting the armour as a bonus, but at the same time… well, for example, if they release brown orcs as a sub-race, i want one as my warrior, but i already have an orc warrior whos 110 who ive done alot of stuff on and gotten alot of stuff on, and ontop of that hes the first character i ever created, ide still want the heritage armour but i wouldnt wanna get rid of my first character just to have my orc warrior with brown skin, and i know there giving us more character slots with these new races but i dont wanna have two warriors either, i cant be the only one whos a little concerned about that

  11. I believe that the allys will attack UC and in retaliation we will burn their tree and force the draenei out.

  12. I’m already exalted with the Nightfallen, so getting a Nightborne should be easy- peasy. We still don’t have any information about how to unlock the Void Elves.

  13. I’ll be so happy to be done with fel EVERYTHING! Seriously sick of the green lava and charcoal for scenery lol

  14. I really hope this expansion is more focused on the battle to take hold of Azeroth and not the battle against old gods like speculated. We’ve killed so many villains recently, we need to chill or we’ll kill all them off and have nothing to do.

    1. You are in the minority than thinking that. Because i have only seen more people that want that speculation to happend, instead of the Factions War.

  15. horde versus alliance just feels to me forced… didnt we go through this crap in mists? and if i’m not mistaken lore wise the horde are still crippled from what garrosh did no? although next xpac horde verse ally is a smoke screen to a larger threat but forcing faction war again is just bad imho

  16. Idk bout yall but i got a shit ton of artifact appearances across a lot of classes and specs that need to be gotten and im not just talkin about mage tower ones. I got to get em before they’re gone forever!

  17. I really hope they aren’t gonna use this terrible artifact system again, the whole system doesn’t make any sense…. And don’t get me started on class order halls and garrisons…


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