CoD WW2: Headquarters Challenges! (Fall 38ft, Firing Range Sequences, Hidden Gridiron Balls)

A big exhaustive CoD WW2 Headquarters challenge guide! I walk through all the HQ easter eggs in detail, including all three secret firing range sequences to complete “Sequential”, all 3 hidden gridiron ball locations to complete the “Baller” challenge, and how to fall 38ft to complete the “Fall Guy” challenge. All these are necessary to work towards the “Headquarters Mastery” animated title. Hopefully you find some part of this guide helpful!

As yes, I am now aware that Tabor Hill and I have somehow made the exact same guide at the exact same time, again, without either of us saying what we were doing lol. I try to avoid this, but I hope you can tell that neither of us copied each other, as these things take a while to work on and were released within 2 hours of each other.

Challenge timestamps:
0:48 – Gridiron ball 1 (Ledge)
1:08 – Gridiron ball 2 (Tower)
3:10 – Gridiron ball 3 (Shelter)
4:42 – Fall guy (38ft)
5:38 – Firing range sequence #1 (Easy, melons)
6:30 – Firing range sequence #2 (Moderate, hostage)
9:57 – Hanging out in the HQ, wrap-up

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  1. I was in my hq and then my map glitched so i saw a volcano… Then i fell off the fucking map.

  2. Anyone wants to do it for me on ps4? I rly cant.. Others are no problem, add and msg me: Thavis_Scott

  3. Whenever I do the second sequence the civilian and the 2 enemies don’t pop up anyone else

    1. 1) I assume the 6 small targets on the tower begin all on the same side, that’s needed
      2) You can’t take forever, the timer is generous but if you take way too long it will time out and not work, just like the third sequence.


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