Germany To Deport 12,500 Afghan "Migrants" Because It's Safe Enough Now (REACTION)

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As of November 2016, Germany and Afghanistan have reached an agreement which says that Germany is able to deport or “send back” an unlimited amount of Afghan “refugees” and/or “migrants” back to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. There are a few conditions of course, the main one being that they are being deported back to safety. Since Germany has pretty much labeled Kabul as safe, they will begin the process of repatriating about 12,500 Afghans to their home. It is, however, a very small drop in the bucket (about 5%) of the 247,000 Afghans that have come to Germany as of September 2016. As small of a first step as it may be, it as a welcome first step and a giant leap from any previous action. There have only been 27 total deportations of Afghans in 2016. To leap to 12,500 is small in comparison to the total, but big in comparison to prior action.

The decision Germany made has come on the heels of strong anti-migrant sentiment in the country. Germany, a country of about 80,000,000 people, has a 15% foreign population. Which, in truth, is unsustainable and it creates a strain on the Government and native Germans. A similar situation is happening in Sweden. Crime against women, men, property, and general culture clashes are now the norm. Nearly 15% of their population is also from another place. One third or more of the population in both Germany and Sweden fear issues that foreigners in their country create.

Compare that 33%+ with concerns about migrants in both Germany and Sweden with less than 1% who have concerns about migrants in countries like South Korea, India, Japan, and Mexico. Those countries have low worries about migrants because less than 1% of their total population is from another place. Mexico does have an issue with illegal immigration, but the overwhelming majority of them are simply headed for the United States. Some are even assisted in their goal of infiltrating the USA illegally by the Mexican Government itself. Mexico has a crime problem but how much worse would it be with illegal immigrants? What would become of China? Japan? India? One can *only* imagine, since their respective Governments do not allow it. And rightly so.

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