H1Z1 Montage Kotk #92 | (Read the Description)

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H1Z1 Montage Kotk #92 | "I need FPS"
Im struggling to get 60fps on lowest settings with shadows off on 500 render in game. I play on an amd pc (fx-8350) (r9 280x) & i really need an upgrade . I really wanna start bringing out better content & start playing h1 competitively but i need a new pc to do so. If you want to help me drop a donation here : https://streamlabs.com/litmus_
I love all of you !!!!!
Song: Huey Mack - Better On Paper feat gianni kyle
Also please do comment, ideas for future videos or music suggestions (make sure they are not copyrighted)
Social Media:
My Org: https://twitter.com/HoodedESP
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