Refuge Invasion Breaking German Culture ?

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Heiko Maas, The German Federal Minister of Justice got an earful of the voice of the German people while speaking at a May Day celebration. The German people chant “you leftist rat” and “Traitor”. Maas says “No. We’re here to stay. We aren’t going anywhere”. The chants of “Traitor” and “Get out” become stronger and louder. But Maas fires back threatening “We will also take care of the interests of those people shouting traitor right now without even knowing what’s happening to them.” The chants continue as Maas says” Shout all you want. The longer you shout, the longer I shall stand here!” Finally he runs from the crowd as they chant Traitor…Get Out!” Scurrying away leaving the Germans to chant “We are the people!"

Heiko Maas, yet another arrogant globalist tool from the Merkel regime. The same man that introduced a 2015 law known as “Data Stolen Goods”. A law described by Berlin district court judge Ulf Buerymeyer as an anti-whistleblower law intended to deal a mighty blow to democracy and freedom of speech. Where xenophobia and racism is now a punishable crime.

Furthermore, Maas is now calling for a legal ban on sexist advertisements. Germany, well known for its liberal attitude towards adult entertainment, is now being forced to scale back its culture in order to appease the wishes of the growing muslim refugee population exploding within Germany.

Meanwhile the German people are being held captive by the ungrateful foreign invaders and their own treasonous government…..

William F. Jasper of The New American writes “ The migration tsunami that swamped Europe with 1.5 million “refugees” in 2015 is roaring back with a tidal wave that may be double the size of last year’s deluge. In fact, most citizens of the European Union countries appear to be unaware that their unelected and unaccountable rulers at the European Commission, in their own European Economic Forecast report issued last fall, announced precisely that. That is, they projected (with apparent acceptance and approval) that three million refugees/migrants would arrive in Europe in 2016."

Time is running out. The globalists have all but achieved their soft invasion of Europe. And that planned gridlock of civilization is heading in your general direction. As I speak thousands of un vetted immigrants are filing into small towns across the United States via what will be known later as a broken vetting process. A process that should have taken two years has now been reduced to a few pointless months. It’s Obama’s turn. And he aims to match Merkel’s numbers.

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