What geopolitics behind migrations ? libya - slavery

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This was a hell of a subject to me. It took lots and lots of work. It has been quite hard to enter in the details of all those poor lives trying to live better... But I was glad to share a little part of their suffering by knowing a bit more on what they go through.. Here is my work at the end ! I hope that it will raise awereness !

Patrice d'Arras


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The video from Roy Beck:

I do not put the link to the video of Ross Kemp, but here is the name of it that you can find in Youtube:
Ross Kemp Libya's Migrant Hell

At the end of this video, you are going to understand better what is happening Lybia. The weight of migrations to Europe, where the migrants are from. What the geopolitical context is behind this. What events turn migrants into slave. What they endure in the desert and in the Mediterranean sea.

Extracts of the vidéo:

Concerning the originating countries. Mediterranean sea refugees are not anymore primarily from Syria in 2017, but from Nigeria. Then from Syria, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Bangladesh – I take out the countries which are not Africans since we focus on Africa today – Gambia, Mali, Iraq, Algeria – to continue I took another source, equally reliable but that is a bit older since those are the figures of the years 2015 – 2016. With this source from Eurostat, we see that the other main countries of migrations are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Eritrea, Albania, Russia, Somalia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Turkey, and Senegal.
Migrants Spain

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